Odor Elimination

Your house is almost ruined by pungent odors stemming from fire smoke, cigarettes smoke, water damage, sewage, pets or hoarding.As an odor removal company, Quality restoration will use its industry-specific equipment and experience to remove and deodorize any foul-smelling and persistent odors from your residence.


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Effective Odor Eliminator in Southern Arizona

If your property smells of a stinky odor, you’ll find it hard to invite people over or to live peacefully, knowing that you‘re breathing in harmful substances. Odors may emanate from different sources: fire smoke, cigarettes, sewage, broken pipes, pets and so on; but in all cases, there is nothing as healthy as smelling fresh air. Quality Restoration uses the best equipment and techniques to remove bad odors from all kinds of properties. Wewill use many odor removal techniques and products to make sure your house smells only of fresh, healthy air.

When removing odor from your house we use,

· (HEPA) filtration Air scrubbers

· Deodorizing thermal fogging

· Ozone generators

· OdorKlenz-Air® Catridges

· Hydroxyl Generators

In short, Quality Restoration a water and fire restoration and odor removal company uses a variety of deodorants and air scrubbers to get you rid of any persistent odors from your property. We areTucson’s best Air Removal and Deodorization Company. Call us now 520-322-5326.

Here in Tucson and throughout the entire southern Arizona region, the best odor eliminator is your telephone. That’s because Quality Restoration 24 Hour Emergency Services provides the area’s leading odor elimination service, and we respond to calls 24-7-365.

Since 1982, Quality Restoration 24 Hour Emergency Services has been providing complete odor elimination for homes and businesses in Tucson and southern Arizona. Our certified, highly experienced teams have the special equipment and resources needed to completely rid your property of stubborn, unpleasant smells.

An event such as a fire, flood, crime scene/unattended death, or dead animal can leave a strong, lingering odor. Whether an odor is caused by fire and smoke damage, animal remains, urine or other wastes, sewage back-up, cigarette smoke, tear gas, skunk or any other source, we can help.

A professional odor eliminator is the best choice

For reasons of health, you should use professional odor elimination services if your home or business suffers from any organic-type strong smell.That’s because odor removal is the key to preventing negative health which could affect the entire family or workforce.

It’s especially important to eliminate odors that are present in carpets, rugs and upholstery, often soiled by pets. If any substance is causing a stench, then it’s probably harmful to the health of both people and pets alike.

Although homeowners and business owners can take some steps to eliminate odors, any lingering smells or large-scale disaster restoration is best left to professionals like us.

Homeowners usually first try to treat the problem using readily-available cleaners and disinfectants, yet in most cases these simply mask the odor temporarily without removing its source and often times causing more damage which in turn costs more to restore.

Fire and smoke damage require odor elimination

After a fire, the odor from smoke and ash is very persistent. Simple cleaning is rarely effective in removing smoke odors, so it’s best to rely on a professional odor eliminator to ensure that ash and smoke damage are cleaned up. We can quickly restore your home to its normal, odor-free condition.

Make sure that the sources of odors are truly removed.

Urine and feces require professional help. That’s because these types of wastes are especially difficult to clean up – they may seem to be gone, yet anytime moisture reaches the affected area, the odor tends to reappear again.

The teams here at Quality Restoration 24 Hour Emergency Services, we use a well-proven protocol to ensure that the sources of all odors are fully neutralized and removed so that your property smells fresh and clean again.

We can eliminate most types of odors from your home or business. Check with your insurance company to see whether or not the type of odor removal you need removed is a covered item on your policy.

I have called on Quality Restoration twice for flood issues at my house. Both times, we were taken care of immediately and with professionalism and top notch customer service. I will be forever grateful for what they did for me and my family!

Trevor Dickerson

I called them after 9 pm after 1/3 of my house flooded. The owner Kristy answered the phone and told me she would get her guys out to me within an hour. Ed and Walter were terrific, efficient, professional and funny.  They answered all my questions, went above and beyond with pictures for my insurance agency and returned to my house when they said they would 48 hours later. It was a pleasure working with this company and I would recommend them to anyone.

Trevor Dickerson