Carpet damage restoration

Although the need for carpet damage restoration may arise from many different causes, from bused pipes, fires to monsoons, we can quickly and effectively reconstruct your home or business and make it like new.


Emergency Response

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Nothing feels worse than walking on a wet squishy carpet!

Our expert carpet restoration team can extract and remove all the water, and dry your property appropriately. We minimize any chance of mold or mildew by using state-of-the-art extraction and drying equipment that leaves carpets and rugs clean, dry and odor-free.

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Emergency carpet restoration service in Tucson and throughout Arizona

We're Arizona's leading experts when it comes to quickly removing water or sewage from carpets. Speed is the key to our success – We work to extract water quickly, and we dry each carpet completely to avoid mold. We can dry and restore carpet or any other type of flooring material.

Water extraction and carpet drying

Carpet repair and restoration

Flood repair and sewer clean up

If your home or office has been damaged by water,
Call 520-322-5326 now for damage restoration.

How we dry wet carpets

Speed is the most important factor when you need to dry wet carpets. We provide Arizona's fastest emergency service for carpet damage restoration. After any flood or leak, we can quickly extract the water and dry your carpets, then repair any other water damage.

1. First we find the source of the water damage, and turn off any flows

2. Next, our team moves furniture, or stores it out of the wet areas

3. We use industrial vacuums to extract water from carpets, rugs and upholstery.

4. Then we complete the drying process with high-power dehumidifiers and fans

5. Next we repair any damaged carpets or flooring

6. Our team uses antifungal cleaners to prevent mold

7. The last step is to monitor moisture levels daily to ensure carpets are fully completely dried

If your home or office has been damaged by water,
Call 520-322-5326 now for damage restoration.

We use high-tech equipment for drying carpets

Together with advanced water extractors, we use powerful fans to speed the carpet drying process. As the water is removed, our teams deploy high-tech air scrubbers that remove odor-causing materials and other contaminants from the surrounding air.

Beyond carpet restoration after flooding, we also clean and restore wood flooring. For wood floors we use our state-of-the-art mat-dryer systems to quickly and gently remove all unwanted moisture from wood floors, furniture and paneling. We can ensure that water damage is completed stopped, and your wood is referred to its full beauty and use.

If your home or office has been damaged by water,
Call 520-322-5326 now for damage restoration.

Most common causes of carpet damage

Water damage from overflowing sinks and washers

Roof leaks, especially during monsoons

Broken or leaking water pipes

Backed up sewer lines

Carpet mold or mildew

Padding stays wet

We'll dry your carpets quickly and completely

If you're faced with wet carpets or other water damage here in Tucson, or anywhere in Arizona, we can help. Call us now for expert carpet restoration service after any a flood or any other water damage.


I cannot say enough wonderful things about how fantastic my experience with Quality Restoration has been! They were absolutely phenomenal when we had our roof damaged in a microburst and were with us every step of the way.....they helped negotiate through insurance issues that were complicated and I would not have known what to do. They've been there for us ever since and everyone from the owner to the staff has been so kind, caring and professional. If you are ever in need of a restoration company, don't think twice about who to call - Just give Quality Restoration a call and know they are going to take care of everything!

Karyn Damischen

An absolutely outstanding company with amazing customer service. I had a sewer line blockage which resulted in a toilet overflow - flooded my house with an inch of water. It happened on a Saturday evening, and they were out cleaning up an hour and a 1/2 after I called. The employees were kind, personable, courteous, professional.
For the next week, they were at my house several times checking the status and keeping me updated. The owner of the company even called me on Sunday!
I am so impressed with this company. Everyone I dealt with was wonderful - and extremely responsive!

Kathleen Dunn

My Association hired these people for human waste removal from homeless people camping behind our building. They were so prompt in assisting and very professional.

Karen Plemons

We had a second-floor washing machine that poured water into our downstairs living room. They responded in about an hour and were able to get the mess under control and prevent any further damage. They repaired the ceiling and restored it back to its original condition. I cannot say enough good things about this company. They stayed in contact throughout the process and were always professional!

Micaela Prevatke

I called them after 9 pm after 1/3 of my house flooded. The owner Kristy answered the phone and told me she would get her guys out to me within an hour.  Ed and Walter were terrific, efficient, professional and funny.  They answered all my questions, went above and beyond with pictures for my insurance agency and returned to my house when they said they would 48 hours later.  It was a pleasure working with this company and I would recommend them to anyone.

Colleen Laszakovits

Quality Restoration is a top-notch company to work with.  They have exceptional employees that take great care of customers in need.  Taking our calls 24/7, providing professional work and advise for emergency situations, helps us do our job more efficiently.  Thanks, Quality for all you do, from all of us at Wood's Plumbing!  Bill and Deb Wood

Bill Wood