Smoke damage restoration

Although the need for smoke cleanup may arise from many different causes, from bused pipes, fires to monsoons, we can quickly and effectively reconstruct your home or business and make it like new.


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We most often perform water damage restoration for our customers following these issues

  • Loose or broken water pipes and hoses
  • Leaking water heaters
  • Monsoon flooding and storm damage
  • Overflowing sinks, bathtubs and toilets
  • Flooding after firefighting efforts
  • Flooded basements
  • Sewer backups

Smoke damage restoration in Southern Arizona

After a fire, it may seem as if the only remaining task is the fire damage cleanup itself. Yet, in order to prevent continuing property damage and possible health problems for you and anyone using the property, the lingering odor of smoke must also be addressed through expert smoke damage restoration.

We can help. Quality Restoration has 37 years of experience in disaster cleanup including smoke damage restoration. We’ll make sure that the toxic aftermath of a fire is properly cleaned up, and your property is fully restored for normal use.


Smoke and ash residues are acidic and toxic

After a fire, there’s always residual ash and smoke. These byproducts are often toxic, since fires consume nearly all materials in their pathway, including plastic, rubber, asphalt and petroleum-based products, as well as chemicals of all kinds that are used in household products.

Ash and smoke left after a residential or commercial fire are acidic, so they tend to cause extensive corrosion, etching and discoloration of metals and other surfaces.Plastics and other items close to the fire, if not burned outright, will quickly become discolored unless they’re cleaned by an expert smoke damage restoration contractor such as Quality Restoration 24 Hour Emergency Services.

Clothing, carpet and upholstery also require fast, expert cleaning and restoration after suffering smoke damage. Wood and vinyl must be refinished or replaced unless they’re cleaned quickly and professionally.

Until they’re expertly removed, these scorched or incinerated chemical products and materials leave a characteristic unpleasant odor. Beyond being annoying, the smoke odor itself may cause or exacerbate health problems when people are exposed over a period of time.

The odor is a sign of the continuing presence of toxic chemical byproducts. Unfortunately, as long as the odor is present, the property damage and health threat continues.


Fire damage restoration and smoke clean up should be performed by professionals

Although it may seem tempting to try to do your own fire damage cleanup, it’s much better to have this important work done by professionals. Our highly experienced, certified teams will make sure the job is done thoroughly and safely, so that all ash residues and smoke odors are removed.

Just call us and we’ll eliminate all smoke damage and odors from your home or business. We can quickly restore your home or business to normal usable condition.Best of all, since we’re a preferred provider of restoration services throughout the entire southern Arizona region, we can directly bill most major insurance companies.

I have called on Quality Restoration twice for flood issues at my house. Both times, we were taken care of immediately and with professionalism and top notch customer service. I will be forever grateful for what they did for me and my family!

Trevor Dickerson